Meet Austin!

Austin was born in the Bay Area of California and raised in San Antonio, Texas. Ever since he can remember, he’s been intrigued by art and creating. Through middle and high school, he was drawing and involved in every artistic pursuit. While at San Antonio College, he took every fine arts class there was—from ceramics to printmaking to digital art. He then transferred to Texas State University for Communication Design.

The Communication Design program helped him transform his artistic creativity into a design-thinking mindset—to actualize the possibilities of improving brands and helping people through compassion and empathy.

Austin is a passionate thinker and researcher, driven by the possibilities for humanity, and focused on values and vision. Being optimistic and forward-thinking, he intuitively sees opportunity for improvement in everything around him. He is ambitious and feels personally responsible for helping the world become a better place.

His goal is to be a part of a company where he may implement his design-thinking process into every project—whether visually or for the betterment of the planet. Austin has always wanted to be a part of something that does good for the world, and he believes it starts with an idea and a design.

In his free time, he enjoys making music, drawing, kayaking, meditating, traveling, and learning new and trending skills in the design world.


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