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Nested on a secluded peninsula overlooking the Aegean Sea, Port Eden is an idyllic resort offering superior service and comfort throughout. Discover the many secret lookouts, luxury spas, gourmet restaurants, seductive bars, and entertainment decks with live music and a saltwater pool.


Create a brand, which reflects nobility, decadence, and beauty, intriguing travelers from all over the globe.


Santorini is known for its unique cliffside buildings with magnificent white and blue colors. This built the inspiration to keep the logo design and branding system minimal, using only white and blue to communicate richness and delicacy. The typeface used throughout the printed touchpoints has a clean feel but also imperfect edges to reflect the walls and rugged architecture. The logo combines a sea snake and a nautical knot to convey the allure of the resort while also tying in the richness of boating culture.


Gold Award • Graphis New Talent 2022 • Branding System • International

Silver Award • AAF Addy's 2022 • Logo • Regional

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Homescreen/Login page for Canary
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Signage and Touchpoints when Entering the Bar

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Port Eden Book
Port Eden Book
Hotel essentials for Port Eden
Photo of pool at Port Eden with the Logo in the bottom of the pool
Photo of a Port Eden Catamaran in the Aegean Sea
Menu for Port Eden restaurant
Port Eden website on laptop of woman sitting at a park
Port Eden Stationery
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SMS Integrated Drink Ordering

Elements of Makr Shakr

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