Vietnam: Photographers of War

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Armed with only film cameras, these men recorded some of the most controversial moments of war. No war before or since Vietnam has reported media so openly to the American public, and was known as the first “television war.” This book highlights three journalists and photographers who were alongside troops, capturing images that changed America’s perception of war forever.


To emphasize the stories of three men who were neither for nor against war, and brave enough to live with the American soldiers. The goal is to convey the perspective of the man with no enemy, the man experiencing war first-hand without any hate toward any person, the man who wishes it will stop.


Because this book contains extremely captivating and traumatic images, the focus was to make them the star. Without photography and films spreading throughout the United States, the world would have never witnessed the events that took place. The images must be large, but to make sure their film-photo quality doesn't decrease due to upsizing. Other than the colors resembling soldier fatigues, the pull quotes with bold Sans Serif letters portrays the wisdom of these brave men.


Merit Award • Salute 2022 – UCO School of Design • Publication • National

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Front cover of Vietnam: Photographers of War
Back Cover of Vietnam: Photographers of War
Zoomed in spread of Vietnam: Photographers of War
Book Spread of a Shellshocked Marine in Vietnam
Zoomed in page of the book Vietnam: Photographers of War
Zoomed in page of the book Vietnam: Photographers of War
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