Wilmington Steakhouse

Brand Experience

Project Overview

Wilmington Steakhouse is an upscale restaurant in Austin, Texas, serving the finest cuts of prime steak. Rooted in familial culture, Wilmington Steakhouse is proud of its altruistic sense of service and hospitality.


To create a system of visual experiences that portray an elegant and upscale fine-dine restaurant.


The approach was to create a contemporary dining experience with a touch of modernity. The slender and sharp typeface has similar characteristics to the logo, and was used to emphasize the brand. Subtle drawings of rosemary and ingredients were added to accentuate the restaurant's sensibility.


Gold Award • Graphis New Talent 2022 • Branding System • International

Honorable Mention • Graphis New Talent 2022 • Logo • International

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Homescreen/Login page for Canary
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Signage and Touchpoints when Entering the Bar

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Wilmington Steakhouse Exterior
Wilmington Steakhouse Stationery
Wilmington Steakhouse Wine Bottles
Wilmington Steakhouse Apron
Wilmington Steakhouse Matches
Wilmington Steakhouse Check Presenter
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SMS Integrated Drink Ordering

Elements of Makr Shakr

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